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Domestic Short Hair | 2 Years 3 Months | Male

Virgo is a tiny boy with a big heart, a big smile, and a bit of a Napoleon complex. Don't be fooled by his hysterically cranky sounding meow, he's more often than not blissfully relishing in the indoor/human friend lifestyle. He'll take all the attention you have to give him and also lots more please.

In non-human pursuits, Virgo very much enjoys playing the cat tracks ball tower, chasing his foster brother here there and everywhere, and investigating new objects by trying to get his head underneath them. New learning style alert! Forget visual or hands-on learning, Virgo is a pioneer of head-underneath learning. After a brief adjustment period, he now very much gets along with foster kitty brother, but would also definitely enjoy being a single. (That said, he would need a lot of attention and play time as a single.)

Virgo's sun is most certainly in snuggle bug, his moon in touching noses, with gleeful madcap scramble-running rising.

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