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Slater & Reddy

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 5 Months | Male

Slater and Reddy are adorable brothers who love nothing more than a good wrestle or snuggle session with one another. They’re both quite playful and can’t resist a cat toy or a found piece of string.

Slater is a white and tabby mix who is sweet as can be and loves to eat. Slater enjoys exploring the house and is really respectful of everyone around him. He has warmed up to our family beautifully, and is incredibly sweet with our young kids. He can easily be lured with a treat or some good scratches behind the ears. He’s particularly attentive at meal time and is always the first to his dish. He’s super gentle and careful with his claws and is a joy to have around the house.

Reddy is a beautiful, soft and shy black and white cat with a playful streak. He takes a lot of cues from his brother and has begun warming up to our family. He’s also gentle and never aggressive, but can be quite skittish and spends a fair amount of time under the couch. However he truly can’t resist a toy and is always in the mix at playtime.

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