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Pocket & Wind Up

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Months 10 Days | Male

Pocket and Wind Up are a bonded pair of tabby brothers who are always on time. They are both very cuddly, playful, and crave your company with very loud purr motors. These kittens are high energy and highly affectionate. They love to wrestle, pounce and chase each other around. They love to groom each other and also will lick your hands with affection. They adore being held and picked up and will often roll over for belly rubs.

Wind Up (the tabby with the white face) is a bit less vocal than Pocket, but will still meow when he’s looking for you. If one kitten is sweeter and the other more feisty, Wind Up is the sweetheart as snuggling is his favorite activity -- especially on your lap. He has a signature move where he rolls on his back asking for belly rubs and attention. He also is an excellent helper at shoelace tying. Pocket likes to be held and we often walk around the apartment while cradling him. He’s super soft and give off stuffed animal vibes. Pocket loves to burrow, whether it’s under the sheets in bed, behind pillows, into blanket folds, or in your arms. You can hear his purr motor get louder once he settles into a spot under the covers. Pocket also sometimes sleeps with his tongue slightly stuck out.

Pocket likes to call for attention when he wants to play and can’t find you. His meow sounds like a raspy little raptor call, and it’s the cutest. Although he’s the bold one, he enjoys snuggling as much as playing.

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