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Blue Moon & Blue Suede Shoes

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Months 25 Days |

Sweet and cuddly siblings Blue Moon and Blue Suede Shoes love to tumble and take naps together.

Blue Moon is all black besides the cutest little white patch on her belly. This confident cat is small, mighty, sassy, and always up for a game or tumble. Blue Moon likes watching her dog foster brother sleep in his bed, and she likes to sleep in it when he is not around. After a long day, she just wants to be held and cuddled until she falls asleep – bonus points if you wrap her in a shirt while doing this.

She is curious, loves watching the vacuum, and will sit with you while you’re working. This girl knows the meaning of self-care – she loves to eat and takes her litter box time very seriously. She is good at letting you trim her nails and usually takes a nap right after. Some of her favorite hobbies include hiding in small spaces, sleeping on top of shoes, and bossing her siblings around.

Blue Suede Shoes is all black and chunky and appreciates the simple things in life. Throughout the day, you can find him sleeping in his cat bed or playing hide and seek. He likes his autonomy, but will also let you know when he wants to be held. A quick way to win his heart is to give him nose kisses and plenty of food. He tolerates getting his nails cut and will usually fall asleep after. He is very independent, clean, and likes to be clean. He loves a good box or “cave”. He’s a real momma’s boy, who spends his time chasing bugs, toys, and tails.

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