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Plum & Floyd Collins

Domestic Short Hair | 7 Months 11 Days |

These two goobers are in classic kitten cahoots in every way! Floyd Collins (black and white cat) takes on the role of elder brother, starting antics and pouncing on toy prey, and Plum (black cat) is always scrambling to get her feet under her and follow wherever her little sister paws can take her. Squeaks and mews abound as these darling kittens tucker themselves out, and then, once they do, they're happy to curl up in a cozy kitten pile wherever they can find. Floyd is incredibly snuggly and curious. While Plum is a playful explorer always up to climb her scratching post and explore the upper reaches of your shoulders.

Long story short, this pair of kittens have come so far from surviving their birth on a grocery store roof, and they can't wait to bound across your apartment and straight into your heart.

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