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Jib & Luff

Domestic Short Hair | 10 Months 8 Days |

Energetic Jib and her larger and shyer buddy Luff are cousins rescued from the same backyard.

Despite her smaller size, Jib (gray) loves to wrestle with her much bigger buddy. Jibb is the first to explore, eat and play. She will bite the churu right out the tube which is really cute. She really loves scratches around the face and will give you some welcoming purrs while on her back with all four legs up – and she’ll let you know when it’s time for more scratches. She loves to take care of Luff by cleaning his face.

Though twice the size of his cousin, Luff (orange) is much more shy and reserved than Jib. He usually lets her lead the way first in playing and exploring, but once he’ll join in on the fun once he feels comfortable. He likes laying in the cat bed on the adult bed where he is snuggled up and over time he will make his way closer & closer to you up to laying up against you for a bit before returning back to his favorite spot. He becomes a lot more welcoming & even looking for scratches when he’s a bit tired and getting ready for sleep. He’s a little more chill than and less mischievous than his buddy. They compliment each other well.

Both kittens love playing with each other and lots of treats! They are very energetic and you must be ready to play. They’re also great napping buddies.

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