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Domestic Short Hair | 3 Years 2 Months | Female

Despite Marlborough Man’s tough name, this girl is super sweet. She’s a white and gray cat, with beautiful faint tabby markings throughout her gray patches. Marly’s a little cautious from her time spent on the streets, but sure to blossom in a safe and caring fur-ever home!

Marly’s very shy and quiet at first, but she quickly becomes comfortable venturing out from her hiding spot for head pats and scritches. Sudden movements and noises startle her, but she’s grown more comfortable with the noise of a busy home over time. She likes to be around people and will often come up to rub all over you. If you’re especially favored, she might even give you a few licks!

Marly’s happy to lay down in the corner in your company and just purr away. She loves to nap when the sun’s out and curl up into a little ball of fur. Marly’s a well-behaved kitty and isn’t one to knock things down or cause a mess. She’s very inquisitive and likes to explore. Marly deserves a safe home that can give her time to warm up at her own pace and once she does, she’s sure to be a devoted furry friend!

Marly has dental disease and would ideally receive dental surgery sooner rather than later -- we're happy to help her adopter arrange this at a discounted rescue rate.

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