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Domestic Short Hair | 2 Years 6 Months | Female

Buffy is a friendly tabby who enjoys exploring as well as taking long naps. She loves playing with toys, particularly wands and anything else with a string. Buffy will bring you her favorite ball(s) while you are in bed for a good game of fetch. She is comfortable with being picked up, but doesn’t like being held too long. She likes to roam around the home exploring every corner and climbing onto high places (think top of the refrigerator).

Buffy is fond of treats, all shapes and sizes, as well as eating her meals on time and she’ll let you know if she’s hungry with some chirps. She seems pretty active and will likely do well in a home where she can get plenty of attention and may enjoy having a feline friend. She would most likely do best in a home with older children as she can still be a bit skittish and nip when scared, but she is making great progress and is a total delight.

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