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Tampico & Saint Cyr

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 18 Days |

Tampico and Saint Cyr are two adorable kittens that will fill your house with joy. Their meows are just the most adorable sounds in the world.

Tampico likes to be cuddled and purrs so loud that you can hear her from across the room. She sometimes drools when she feels really relaxed. She is the calmer and more mature one out of the two cuties. She plays with her toy rats all day and loves to snuggle in human arms. Though, she can be a real hide-and-seek player in the beginning, as she tends to hide under the bed or other little dark corners.

Saint Cyr is more playful and shy at the same time. He likes to explore his surroundings but takes a little longer to get comfortable with new people. He is a real foodie so treats and hand-feeding can go a long way. Opposite from Tampico, Saint Cyr doesn't like cuddles that much unless tasty treats are involved. Once he gets to know you, he will greet you with rubs even if you are just coming out of your room.

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