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Tampico & Saint Cyr

Domestic Short Hair | 10 Months 20 Days |

Tampico and Saint Cyr are two adorable kittens that will fill your house with joy -- and they know tricks! Tampico understands “sit”, and Saint Cyr knows “shake”.

Tampico is smart, but a bit shy. She likes to play with toy rats and loves to snuggle. Once she hears you sit down she will be on your lap in an instant. She purrs so loud that you can hear her from across the room. Although she can be a real hide-and-seek player in the beginning, after she gets to know you, she will be with you everywhere around the house.

Saint Cyr is more playful. He likes to explore and play with everything he can find (even a tissue). He is a real foodie and loves treats, but sometimes he will be more interested in human food than his own. Saint Cyr doesn't like cuddles that much, but he will greet you with rubs even if you are just coming out of your room. 


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