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Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 1 Month | Male

The only thing Edgar loves more than staring at you from his favorite comfy spot across the room is cuddling with you directly – don’t worry, he’s always the little spoon when it comes to sleeping with you. It may look like he’s constantly giving you judgmental looks from across the room, and that’s because he is. Don’t worry, though, the only reason he’s judging is because you haven’t been petting him for the past 8 hours. Fix that, and he’ll purr up a storm.

This long, lanky boy will come bounding across the house/apartment/wherever as soon as he hears a treat bag open. Besides being constantly bombarded with headbutts, he’ll meow graciously for any treats sent his way. Be prepared to thank him back for being such a sweet boy with lots and lots of pets! This sweet, cuddly boy is the perfect addition to any home, so long as he’s the center of attention.

Edgar has FeLV so needs to be adopted as a single cat or into a home with another cat positive for feline leukemia. Although generally cats with FeLV have shorter lifespans than other cats, Edgar is currently in great health.

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