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Squid Ink & Dark Matter

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Months 25 Days |

Squid Ink and Dark Matter are a pretty perfect pair of kittens. They are incredibly friendly, playful and sweet.

Squid Ink, the boy, is the dopier of the two. His favorite things to do are running around the apartment, playing with his sister, and cuddling up with his fosters. He’s a total purr machine, and can usually be seen trailing after his sister. Squid loves a good fluffy blanket, and he especially loves when his people wake up in the morning so he can cuddle with them before they have to get up.

Dark Matter, the girl, is a little smaller than her brother. You can also tell her apart by her iconic single white whisker. She’s more mischievous, and likes to explore and investigate everything in her foster home. She usually picks a favorite toy for the week, and for that week is inseparable from it. She is also a big sweetie and purrs all the time. She loves belly rubs, and will flop in front of you and roll over to let you know it’s belly rub time.

Squid and Dark Matter are both great with the litterbox and very good with their claws. They would do great with kids.

They are bonded and must go together.

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