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Butterhead & Mesclun

Domestic Short Hair | 10 Months 15 Days | Female

Mesclun and Butterhead are two active sisters who love to wrestle and zoom around the home. After play time, you can catch them snuggling up for a nap in the sun. 

Butterhead (black & white) will happily greet you at the door after a long day of work. She’ll then bribe you for scritches by stretching out on the floor and flashing her cutest poses. Butterhead can keep herself entertained for hours with a turntable ball toy and plush toys. Don’t mind if Butterhead joins you on a Netflix binge — she particularly enjoys watching football and nature documentaries. 

Mesclun is a bit more on the mellow side, but that doesn’t stop her sweet personality from shining. She is very curious, so she can typically be found in a box or paperbag that you have lying around. Her favorite activity is chasing a laser toy around the home and finding the best cuddle spots.

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