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Cindy Lou Who

Domestic Short Hair | 7 Months | Female

Cindy Lou is a sweet, energetic, and curious kitten. She will take a little while to warm up, but she’s a little lover. She’s a lap cat when she chooses and will never forget to remind you when it’s time for pets. She naps a lot during the day, but periodically wakes up and crawls her sleepy self out of her sleeping spot and does the cutest little meow until she gets scritches – her favorite spots are behind her ears, on her neck, and right near her tail. She loves to take naps on the windowsill or on her back, belly up on a soft surface. She loves to play with toys and sometimes finds her own toys – she’s been known to steal the drain cover and hide it under the bed every once in a while. She truly is the sweetest cat and will be happiest in a quiet and loving home. Cindy Lou will be happiest in an environment where she can set her own pace and may do best in a home without small children. She needs another young and playful cat companion.

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