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Wonky & Wheezy

Domestic Short Hair | 11 Months 9 Days |

Wonky may be the cuddliest kitten in the world. He must jump in your lap or be held whenever you get home from work/an outside activity. When Wonky is held, he immediately starts to suck his thumb and purr loudly. Just like a baby, sucking his thumb puts him right to sleep. He prefers to sleep on his human’s lap, chest, or neck. Whenever Wonky is not cuddling, he is eating or zooming through the apartment.

Wonky is very social and loves to eat dry food when his humans are eating meals. His meals give him super cat speed, and he zooms through the apartment like a torpedo. Wonky enjoys chasing string toys and showing off his hunting/stalking instincts. Wonky will let you know when he needs attention with the sweetest “mew” and enjoys following his human wherever they may go. You cannot help but be smitten with this kitten’s loving and social personality.

Wheezy is a curious and fearless little kitten. She loves toys (especially chewing on her plush avocado) and is very serious about chasing her mouse or jingling balls. Wheezy will run full speed ahead despite her light “wheezy” breath. She has been given a round of antibiotics which has significantly helped her sneezing and wheezing. Wheezy is the first to explore new rooms and spaces and does occasionally attempt to bolt out the front door (so always be aware).

When Wheezy is sleepy, she is quick to fold into your arms and loudly purr. Wheezy also loves to nibble on her brother’s ear when she is feeling especially cuddly and comfortable. She enjoys litterboxes that are neat and tidy with taller sides for privacy. In the past, Wheezy has relieved herself in the bathtub. However, when that is not an option (bathroom door closed), she eventually finds her way to the litterbox. Wheezy may be a tiny kitten, but she is mighty and makes her presence known. You cannot help but be enamored by Wheezy’s adorable face and feisty spirit.

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