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Shrub & Riff

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months |

Shrub and Riff are a low key-pair of best buds who love to play together and play tricks on each other.

Shrub (tabby) is quite happy-go-lucky. He’ll watch you do just about anything and try to convince you that having his help would make things go much more smoothly. He hasn’t quite learned how to meow and instead will make the most adorable trilling sound. He is very curious and typically likes hanging out with his human during day-to-day activities

Riff (grey) is shy, but equally as curious as her foster brother. She’s a happy girl who loves laser pointers and feather toys. Riff is perfectly content laze about in the same room as you, and will never turn down an opportunity for a treat. She’s a very protective foster sister to Shrub and will gladly spend a bit grooming him/playing with him. She, too, does very well with the resident cat in her foster home – in fact, she’s pretty fascinated by her and loves to follow her around just to see what she’s up to.

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