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Murray & Bowery

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months | Male

Murray and Bowery are a frolicking duo who love cuddles and naps.

Bowery (brown tabby) is bright eyed and curious and will run throughout the house to find his brother. He also loves to chase a laser pointer around the house with endless amounts of ambition to catch it. He loves to cuddle and will curl up in your arms for hours.

Murray (gray) likes to be up in high places, climbing to the top of the cat tree to be king of the castle. He loves to spoon, and snuggle his head onto your chest while you’re reading. He makes little chirps while frolicking throughout the house and huffs when jumping down from higher places. He's very playful and will keep himself entertained with toys until Bowery joins in.

These two would be a great addition to any home and would love to be adopted together!

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