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Will & Way

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months |

Will and Way are paws down the most affectionate and entertaining pair of kittens. 

Will is gentle, kind, tender and sweet temperament, calculated—although clumsy—and likes to puts his chin on you and snooze while you work in front of the computer. He also has a love-heart on the roof of his mouth, which is very apt because he will be your mini shadow of love.

Way is conventionally adorable and gets away with many naughty things because of her good looks and charming demeanor. She is very curious, energetic, loves to climb (and fall), short attention span, and a little more hyperactive compare to Will. If Will is giving you his attention, Way likes to barge right in and demands she’s part of the party! Once she’s done being adventurous and playful, Way has her calm side. She’s a snuggle bug and is, in fact, a really great cuddle buddy. 

They both LOVE to snuggle so be prepared for their annoyingly adorable buffet-style all-you-can-squeeze affection!

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