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Domestic Short Hair | 3 Years 2 Months | Male

Beau is a sweet puff of cloud wrapped up in a spicy-boi shell. Yes, he is the Crunchwrap Supreme of kitties! His adorable grumpy-face belies that emergent sweetness, as indicated by a heart-like marking on his side.

Beau is a big eater. He loves any flavor of wet food, any snack, any Churu stick. He is ready to chomp down at a moment’s notice, and will peek at you if he notices that you’re putzing around The Food Area (aka kitchen). He may give you a sweet meep or many when he is excited about the imminent landing of a bowl full of food, or at the crinkling of a Temptations bag. He also likes yogurt and cheese. When he shlorps up a Churu stick, he kneads in place, making biscuits on the floor.

Beau is a chill kitty who relaxes on his own a lot. He will play on his own and loves playing with things like a rattle mouse. He loves to stretch and scratch, and does well with cardboard scratchers. It will take him a bit to figure out what to do with a scratching post. He loves to have a safe space to call his own, like a box with a top covering (see photos of camper van). Once he gets used to you as his human, he’ll come out and start loafing on the couch or another cozy spot. He uses the litterbox like a champ, and being a bigger boy, would probably do best with a roomy one.

His ideal person is someone who is patient, has empathy in droves, and one with some space where he can do his own thing. He would also do best in a quiet home, and would make a good companion to someone who wouldn’t mind a relatively hands-off cat. He likes pets from a human on his own terms and will tentatively approach you for them, but once he’s had enough, he will let you know with a thwap (no claws) and a retreat. He likes gentle scritches on the head and body when he’s eating—but would probably love more as he grows more comfortable in his surroundings and with his human. For someone who’s willing to open their heart to a Crunchwrap kitty and get down to the melty softness, your relationship will undoubtedly be a rewarding one that can only blossom with time.

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