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Domestic Long Hair | 7 Months | Female

Toffee is gorgeous and spunky with a long fluffy tail that often makes her look like a foxy cat. Toffee is super friendly and sweet-natured. She loves cuddles and plopping herself on her humans or following them around the house. She is energetic, playful and very curious about other pets. You can often spot her head peeking out from around the corners, the stairs, or under the couch. She loves climbing on things, jumping near you undetected, and coming close to your food to remind you of her existence. Toffee needs to be adopted with another feline friend or to a home with an existing young cat.

Toffee was diagnosed with a grade 4 heart murmur so will need an echocardiogram – we’d be happy to arrange that at a discounted cost.

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