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Shiitake & Reishi

Domestic Short Hair | 10 Months 0 Days | Male

Shiitake and Reishi are loving, look-alike brothers with distinct personalities that make the perfect pair. Shiitake is eager one for pets and food, wrapping himself around your legs to always ask for more. Reishi is more laid back , calm and sweet, quietly loving pets. Shiitake is very curious and adventurous while Reishi is more independent and easily entertains himself with a good box — on top or inside, big or small, he will find a way to make good use of any leftover box. There are a few things these boys have in common including a devotion to treats, a love for playing together and a deep appreciation for cuddling on a sunny spot on the couch. These smart brothers are learning how to do tricks! Although still in the early stages of their training, they have already mastered how to sit. Bring these boys home and teach them their next trick!

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