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Feisty Chester

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months | Female

Feisty Cheser is a beautiful and confident purring machine! She will ask for pets and wrap her long tail around your legs as soon as you enter the room and won't stop until the scritches are up to her satisfaction. She loves to play with literally anything – from a fancy electronic toy to a crumpled aluminum foil. She has the speed and agility of an olympic cathlete.

This gorgeous girl with multicolored toe beans can be a bit sassy at times. We believe she didn’t have an age appropriate partner in her previous home as she seems to suffer from Single Kitten Syndrome – luckily, the Brooklyn Cat Cafe offers intense rehabilitation and Feisty is currently in training to be a polite member of feline society. Despite her current feelings about making new friends, Feisty needs to be adopted with a young and playful cat companion. Applications for her as a single will be ignored.

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