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Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 7 Months | Male

Corso will be a sweet little addition to a patient household. Rescued from a Staten Island hoarding situation, he’s shy and wary at first but has warmed up immensely to become a funny little lovebug! He spends a lot of the day napping and lazing but will come out to socialize whenever you call for him, and likes to be underfoot wherever you are just so you know he’s there. Lately he’s been a fan of perching on top of the kitchen cabinets so he gets a good view of all the action.

Corso loves bare feet and will rub his face on your toes! Scritches are very much welcomed as well, especially on the head and under the chin. Corso is a happy eater and litter box pro. While he’s not quite ready to crawl into your lap on his own, he’s open to being picked up and cuddled so maybe he’s close! He’s curious about windows and will try to climb them to check out the views. Corso likes playing with his catnip mice and sushi toys around the house, and loves batting at his wand toy, especially in the evening.

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