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Enoki & Maitake

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Months 24 Days | Female

These adorable sisters are so sweet and entertaining! Enoki (all black) and Maitake (tuxedo) are the cutest and most amusing little cats. Maitake is the more social and adventurous one, exploring everywhere and giving the all clear for mellow little Enoki to follow. After a good wander, they curl up together in a pretzel ball beside you for a cuddly cat nap. They’re both quite playful, and while toy mice are a big hit, they’re equally happy making their own fun with a good game of chasing each other’s tail – it’s as cute as it sounds! They never miss a meal and come running at the sound of the treat box opening. Enoki meows softly for more while Maitake curves around your feet. For extra love and affection just open one Churu treat- they will do anything to get one.

Anyone who likes snuggles and cuteness is a perfect fit for these two family-friendly kittens.

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