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Focaccia & Princess Consuela

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Months 5 Days |

Focaccia and Princess Consuela Banana Hammock are two best friends who love to cuddle together to show how much they love each other!

Focaccia (grey tabby) is the quintessential kitten experience. He loves food, cuddling, and making biscuits wherever he can. He loves to play with string toys and will jump 2 feet in the air to catch – or try to catch – a feathery temptation. When he’s not meowing for food and/or pets, Focaccia likes to lounge in the sunlight and look out of the window. He is incredibly sweet and quick to trust humans and other cats alike.

Princess Consuela Banana has the softest fur and is the ultimate cuddler and playmate to Focaccia.. This one-eyed calico beauty loves pillows, head pets, and playing, whether with a playmate or by herself. She’s happy to entertain herself with a toy, a hair tie, or even her own tail. She’s very food motivated and loyal once you’ve won her trust. Because of her one eye, sometimes her coordination isn’t one hundred percent, so she’ll fling herself around your space with abandon. She is extremely loving and sweet. Put her on your lap and she will happily sit on your lap for hours.

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