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MJ & Miss Cuddles

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months |

MJ and Miss Cuddles are a brother and sister who grew up in a backyard in Carroll Gardens. They are confused, but are slowly learning that indoors and humans are pretty great!

MJ is a giant purr machine! He will start purring as soon as you pet him and as soon as he smells food. He’s unsure of new things (like being held) but as long as you have Churu, it’s like the troubles of the world just melt away. If you place him in your lap, he’ll be more than happy to stay for treats and snuggles.  

Miss Cuddles is tiny and adorable. She loves to play and it can be hilarious to watch her slowly batting at a toy inches away and then running away when the toy actually comes close. She is also more cautious of the two and takes a little more encouragement to feel comfortable. She also enjoys playing hard to get — she’ll pretend like she doesn’t want pets, but will lean in and close her eyes when you give her neck scritches.

MJ and Miss Cuddles have a strong attachment to each other -- MJ will even meow when he can't find his sister! where you’ll see the only time MJ meows is when Miss Cuddles is away! They play with each other, groom each other and actively seek out each other for comfort. With just a little patience, these cats will undoubtedly open up their hearts to you!

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