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Hamish & Hubert

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 3 Days | Male

Meet Hubert and Hamish, twin brothers with big dreams! When they’re not learning how to become kings of the savannah, they can be found curled up together in a ball, grooming each other tenderly until someone starts a wrestling match.

Hamish (half white ear) is sweet and tender. He can be shy around multiple humans or strangers, but once you see him stretch out and unwind from paw-tip to tail-tip he’s likely to start purring before you even have a chance to pat him. He loves snacks, pats, snacks, chin scratches, snacks, belly rubbing, oh and snacks!

Hubert (dark ears) is bold and curious. He’s the first to venture out to find new spots to explore and high spots with good views for napping. Once he finds something good (or just gets a bit bored and wants a playmate!) he’ll call over his brother to come join him. Hubert is a bit more comfortable around people and getting him to start purring is a great way to get Hamish looking for some human attention too!

We couldn’t think of separating these two, so if you have room in your hearts (and enough food!) for two, Hubert and Hamish could be the purr-fect companions and playmates for you!

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