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Dusty Cashmere

Domestic Short Hair | 2 Years | Female

Dusty Cashmere is the perfect combination of sweetness and sass. She is super curious and loves exploring every nook and cranny of her living space. She especially loves hidey-holes; you might find her curled up in a cubby, in an empty drawer, in one of her favorite boxes, or in a paper bag cave. She still has playful kitten energy (when she’s in the mood) and loves playing with wands, strings, ping pong balls, and Maggie, her catnip stuffie.

Dusty hasn’t shown herself to be a lap cat, but does love being near her human friends and is happy to be picked up and cradled. She doesn’t seem to get lonely when by herself, but nonetheless might enjoy living with another cat friend.

Dusty was found left outside of an apartment complex with her newborn kittens. Each kitten was snatched up, leaving Dusty alone and ready for all of your love.

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