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Goodman, Feathertop, Blitherdale & Carbuncle

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 18 Days |

The Hawthorne kittens didn’t have the best start in life. They were trapped in a yard with 20 other cats and the owner asked that all of them be euthanized. Of course, that wasn’t happening and we were happy to snap them up and introduce them to the good, warm, treat-filled, life.

These four kittens may have begun as tiny hissy monsters, but now they are playful and snuggly (especially if you happen to have a can of food handy or, even more especially, churu treats).

Young Goodman Brown was the first to realize humans were really just giant vehicles for treat dispensing and pets. He’s also a champ with the wand toy and a scourge to toy mice everywhere.

Feathertop is the brave explorer of the bunch, always keen to find the highest perch or sneak out of his foster room to chirrup agreeably at the horrified resident cats.

Blithedale Romance is a very charming calico who took a bit to come around but is now a happy snuggler.

The Great Carbuncle is a relatively rare orange lady cat. Terrible eye infections before she was rescued have made her eyes slightly cloudy but she sees well and is just as likely to pounce on a flying toy as her siblings. She will be the wariest initially but also the first to purr when you corner her for a snuggle!

They are adoptable in mix and match pairs, spayed and neutered, and all ready for their forever homes!

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