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Josie & Valerie

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 27 Days | Female

Josie (with the little soul patch) is goofy and playful and goes absolutely bonkers for treats. She loves chin rubs, dinner time, and stealing socks from the drawer and sprinting down the hall with them.

Valerie (with the bright gold eyes and black nose) is clever, affectionate, and very social. She loves head rubs, little butt scritches, and napping in hilarious and improbable places (current favorite: inside the cupboard with the shopping bags).

Despite their dapper tuxedos, these bonded sisters are extremely low maintenance. Both just want full bellies, a good romp around the apartment chasing toys, and a cozy place to cuddle (a warm lap preferred). They are so sweet and full of love – they can’t wait to find their forever home!

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