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Onigiri & Staten Island

Domestic Short Hair | 3 Months 2 Days |

Onigri is a playful, energetic and curious grey tabby. She’s quite clever and has an insatiable appetite for dangling toys (and food). She’s got a really fun personality — typically highly engaged and present and follows visitors around the house. She lets you know when it’s time to eat and shows you her belly when it’s time for scratches. She’ll most likely cuddle up with you in bed and purr herself to sleep. We’ve never known a cat like Onigiri, who knows nothing of fear!

She is bonded with Staten Island Kitty, a shy black tuxedo kitten who had a rough first few weeks of life. Thanks to lots of patience and cuddles, she’s now thriving. Although fearful of strangers, once she gets to know you, you’ll discover that she’s a soft and tender sweetheart who just wants to feel safe. She loves face massages and getting stroked. Watching Staten come into her own is incredibly rewarding, as you will see.

Together, they’re a wonderful pair who will bring lots of joy to any home lucky to have them!

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