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Merge & Yield

Domestic Short Hair | 3 Months 10 Days | Female

There are two times in life when you are told to “follow the signs” - figuring out your life path and Drivers’ Ed. Well, make this a third time and take this as a sign that you should adopt these kittens! Now, rather than merge into a different lane you will merge your life with Merge’s (calico, mostly black). And, rather than yield to oncoming traffic you’ll yield to the unyielding cuteness of Yield (calico, mostly white). These two little Love Bugs will fill your life with motor-driven energy, whether it’s them motoring around exploring the house or running their little purr motors snuggled up in your arms.

Both Merge and Yield are very adventurous and affectionate! They love to poke around new places and play with new toys. They also are very social, loving affection from humans and other animals alike. With humans, Merge is eager to be picked up and cradled for as long as you would like to hold her. Yield is just as demanding of affection, and will let out a silent but passionate meow for pets. They both also will cautiously approach other resident animals hoping to make new friends.

These two have come a long way from when they were first rescued, in a litter with their siblings scared of the world around them. They’re both incredibly comfortable and playful. They love treats and meals, races and wrestles. Merge is at her most relaxed chasing after whatever you dangle in front of her. Yield, meanwhile, spends her relaxed hours at the bakery kneading little biscuits against whatever is in front of her (sometimes, the air itself!). Sometimes just hearing your voice as she’s sleeping will get her to start making some biscuits (see video). Don’t miss your exit and follow these signs today!

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