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Domestic Short Hair | 2 Years 6 Months | Male

Jacques is a beautiful boy with shiny orange fur, cute white paws and a fluffy belly. He is super sweet and affectionate and likes to come say hello by rubbing your legs with his head. Jacques also LOVES being brushed and will sometimes flip over to give you his belly for some rubs. Jacques adores being close to his humans and will jump up to the chair next to your desk and watch you work or will quietly sit to watch you do chores around the house, patiently waiting for attention and pets.

This smart boy has learned to be patient and will sit when you grab the treat bag and wait for you to give him the treat instead of reaching with his little cute paws. If you pat the seat next to you and ask him to come over, he will happily jump up onto the couch to sit next to you. Jacques is the most polite and gentle baby and you will fall in love with him immediately, just look at his sweet face!!

Jacques has dental disease and in need of surgery -- we'd be happy to talk more about what this entails.

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