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Domestic Short Hair | 2 Years 4 Months | Female

Sweet like jam, Pam is a cute, quiet, cautious little babe. She spends her days loafing in various locations: beds and couches and closets, oh my! Once you can get close enough for a pet or a snuggle, she’s a sucker for a chin scratch. When the floodgates open, she’s a purr machine, prancing back and forth and rubbing nearby furniture to ask for more loves. She tends to play hard to get, and has been spotted playing with toys late at night when she thinks no one is watching. She has quite the squeaky meow (which feels appropriate), and will call to you at meal times and prance nearby till she is served. She is easily startled and has a strong aversion to the sound of running water (goofy) — but she is also a master of forgiveness and is easily tempted by all varieties of treats.

Simply, Pam is a gentle soul. Her story began when she was found living with her sister wife partner outdoors tending to a family of kittens. When she was rescued and relieved of her motherly duties, Pam had a big sigh of relief. Pam is looking for a quiet, patient forever home where she can hit snooze, over, and over. Find more videos and photos of Pam in her foster home on Instagram: @crownstreetfosters.

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