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Fennel & Stowaway

Domestic Short Hair | 8 Months 1 Day | Male

This sweet duo with different personalities have one thing in common - they are purr machines that immediately lean into pets and melt. Stowaway (brown tabby) is a curious girl who loves to examine and explore and is eager to meet everyone who walks through the door. Her favorite spots to sleep are by your side, on your legs or in her donut bed. She is full of unbridled energy and finds joy in everything - a box, a scrap of paper, her own tail and is easily entertained and endlessly entertaining.

More cautious and mellow than his BFF, Fennel (white and gray) begins to purr and nuzzle as soon as he is pet. This charming boy is the quintessential lap(top) cat. He is quick to plop himself on top of a laptop to ask for pets and snuggles - he’s even been known to send a few work emails! Always eager to please, Fen has learned the art of compromise and will happily sit cradled onto a chest or the side of a leg if a lap is otherwise occupied.

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