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Fennel & Stowaway

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Months 6 Days | Male

Let’s get ready to rumble! Fennel (white and gray) and Stowaway (brown tabby) adore a good game of chase, tumbling and LOTS of wrestling. These semi-pro wrestlers play hard but love hard too - after wearing themselves out, they are eager for some pro snuggles and cuddles. Stowy likes to sit on laps and chests for lots of pets and will then settle down for a snooze on top of your propped up legs. She’ll make sure to make frequent trips back to your lap for more pets before snuggling back onto her favorite leg spot. Make sure you have a blanket or a throw when you are watching TV or reading a book because Fennel loves to crawl under a blanket and snuggle into your lap. Once he’s warmed up, he’ll crawl out from under the blanket and happily sit on your chest and reward you with lots of nose kisses while he gets his requested pets. Fennel’s other favorite spot is sitting behind you on the sofa so he can wrap himself around your neck and purr loudly into your ear.

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