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Quip & Remsen

Domestic Short Hair | 10 Months 17 Days |

Quip is a high-energy firecracker. She is inquisitive, athletic, and will chase any toy you throw at her. Expect a nightly case of the zoomies and overall playfulness that will keep you enchanted. She definitely requires a keen eye, as she’s known to get into trouble and has a feisty side. When she’s not in daredevil mode, she is absurdly affectionate. She will climb all over you in the middle of your work, sleep, whenever. She loves to make biscuits and curl up on people’s necks, so expect a good cuddling when she’s tired out. Bonus: she feels like a cloud, will the softest, prettiest fur ever. She can be a bit rough when playing with other cats, so make sure you watch her carefully and can deter any aggressiveness.

Remsen is more reserved than his BFF, but definitely has some of that kitten energy. He is super affectionate but may take longer to open up. His face resembles a mini tiger, and he has a gorgeous, thick, and warm tabby coat. Remsen is a little genius cat, who loves finding hidden treats and discovering whatever climbing spots you have. He adores treats andhis favorite time is meal-time. In between waiting for dinner and lunch, he's typically cozied up on a pillow or next to the window watching TV or people.

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