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Giada & Ina Garten

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Months 19 Days | Female

Ina and Giada are adorable and super friendly sisters who will happily come sit on the sofa with you and purr away.

Ina Garten (grey tabby) has the loudest purrs. She loves to play with her sister, and jumps on her and demands attention while she is napping. Her favorite toy is a little knit sock. She carries it all over the house and growls when her sister tries to take it away. Giada has the most beautiful glowing gray fur and the cutest harelip. It makes her look like a little wolf. She is mellower than her sister, but she warms up to strangers faster.

They love to show affection towards each other and humans. They are good with humans, visitors, cats and dogs.

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