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The Real Don Steal

Domestic Long Hair (long coat) | 5 Years 2 Months | Male

Say hello to The Real Don Steal — a mellow adult gentleman of tremendous floof. He enjoys lounging around and looking out the window or snuggling up in a suitcase under the bed. If given the opportunity to snuggle with humans, he will most likely jump right in, although he's still fairly shy and tentative so it does take some patience to get him out of his shell. He has zero interest in snuggling (or doing anything else for that matter) with other cats, and must be the only cat in the home. 

A crucial aspect of Don Steele is that he is the sworn enemy of all TVs or large screens of that nature. The minute the TV goes on, he looks up terrified at the TV like "YOU AGAIN! How did you find me here?! You'll never get me!!!" and then either he ducks under the bed or runs from the room in total terror. (He is specifically ultra-disturbed by the Roku jungle screensaver.) He's been working on building up screen tolerance in foster, but has only made it up to tolerance of a 13" computer screen. Thus, he's probably best suited to someone who does not watch a ton of TV/doesn't have one of those magic mirror gyms where the mirror comes to life as a person.

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