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Shallot, Arrowhead & Water Chestnut

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Months 10 Days |

Shallot, Arrowhead, and Water Chestnut are total and complete goofs. They are little bundles of energy that love to run around and play with each other until they are exhausted, and then they take a long nap piled on top of each other in their cat bed.

Shallot is a tabby girl with a white stripe on her face and is definitely the leader of the pack. She loves stuffed mice toys and especially loves the laser pointer. Now and then she gets in a cuddly mood and wants nothing more than to snuggle up to your face.

Arrowhead is a tabby wit a white “mountain” pattern on his face. He sometimes still gets jumpy and runs away when he sees his fosters coming, but when he’s feeling brave and they pet him, he starts purring right away. He loves to play with his sisters, and he even likes to cuddle with his humans at night.

Water Chestnut is the gray girl. She tends to be a bit calmer than her brother and sister, but when she’s in the mood she’ll play and run around with them too. She’s an expert at finding the coziest looking spots to sleep. If you pick her up she’ll let you hold her for as long as you’ll rub her tummy.

These three kittens are sweet, silly, and playful. They’d be great in any home that’s ready to embrace their energy and give them lots of love and attention. They can be adopted as a trio, two of them as a pair, or one of them with another kitten their age. All three are equally friends and will be happy as long as they have a playmate.

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