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Hurricane & Tsunami

Domestic Short Hair | 8 Months 0 Days |

Hurricane is a super brave and friendly little boy. He loves to run around and attack anything left on the floor when he has the zoomies. He adores people and his big foster brother, and will follow both of them around, sometimes getting a bit under foot in his quest for attention. He’ll cuddle up to you and purr for pets, and when it’s time to sleep there’s nothing he enjoys more than a warm lap.

Tsunami is much shyer than her brother, but her trust is easy to earn with treats and playtime sessions. She loves to chase a feather on a stick and play hide and pounce with Hurricane. She’s not quite a lap cat (yet!) but once she gets to know you she will happily accept pets at nap time, often flopping over to purr when she finally lets her guard down and remembers she loves to be pampered. Because of her white face and pink lips she looks like she’s got a permanent blep, which is just adorable.

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