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Earthquake & Wildfire

Domestic Short Hair | 8 Months 0 Days |

Earthquake and Wildfire are inseparable balls of energy and joy. Wildfire (brown tabby with spots on his belly) is a champion snuggler. He jumps up on the couch and folds himself in as close as possible to the nearest human. Earthquake (white with fascinating black splotches and soulful eyes) has been slower to appreciate the delight of snuggles but we’re sure that with a little more time and patience, she’ll continue to come out of her shell and be the most lovely and loving kitten around. In the meantime, Wildfire plays the protective brother by looking out for her and making sure she’s still involved in whatever games, explorations, and mischief that he gets up to. Both kittens have beautiful voices and call to each other in little chirps and cat songs when they’re playing or can’t find each other. They both enjoy Churu, zooming around the house at top speed, and playing with their favorite toy - a cat wand with ribbons, feathers, and a bell tied to a spring.

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