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Cassava & Baby Corn

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Months 16 Days | Male

Cassava and Baby Corn are a delight to have around — they are playful, curious and cuddly. Baby Corn is the adventurer. He loves teasing other animals (cats or dogs), even when they are not too fond of him. It doesn't take much to get him purring — just a simple touch or sitting next to him will get his motor roaring. He adores belly rubs and will throw himself on the floor and give you his belly.

Cassava is a bit shyer, but loves attention on his own terms. He enjoys cuddling during bedtime and sleeping close to his person and getting gentle pet. He is a loyal friend who will defend his person and home from dangerous vegetables — beware onions and potatoes!

These bonded bffs are good with cats, dogs and children.

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