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Rifi & Roxi

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Years 9 Months | Female

Roxi and Rifi are incredibly sweet four year old cats who are looking for a new home after a relative with a cat allergy moved in. They both love sitting on window sills and watching the world pass by outside, and will climb up to the highest spot in any room to look over their home. Both cats are more than happy to get scritches and will both come right up to you and force their way under your hand. Although generally pretty mellow, if you wave toys at them, they will happily swing their heads in unison and follow it with their eyes. They love eating treats straight from your hand and are incredibly gentle! Both cats are perfectly content with being in the same room with many people, and don't get overwhelmed too easily. They can tolerate being pet by children, but get startled somewhat easily around loud noises.

Both cats have heart murmurs, neither of which need medication.

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