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Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 1 Month | Male

Giblets is an ABSOLUTE goober and a total teenage kitten. He’s extremely playful, a connoisseur of catnip, and he loves nothing more than a jingle ball, a plastic curlicue, or, frankly, whatever you have lying around. He’ll fall off a chair, watch a bird for 10,000 hours, and can be stopped from going on the counter if you just make an interesting enough noise across the room. 

He isn't a lap cat unless he climbs up himself, but this little guy glues himself to your side, always wanting to be in the same room, the same piece of furniture, or the same couch spot as his person. He loves to be in the mix. He goes ape for head and chest scritches, and then loses it in a totally different way if you migrate down to attempt a tummy pet. Giblets would be happiest in a home with another young and playful cat.

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