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Domestic Short Hair | 10 Years 2 Months | Male

Carl is an amazingly sweet boy who absolutely loves people and cuddling up on the couch, bed, chair, or basically anywhere! Carl is fairly relaxed and low maintenance, but he does show a dash of young energy once or twice a day when he loves to play with his humans and/or any toy in sight. If you’re busy, he will also happily play by himself or lay himself down somewhere and watch the day go by from a comfy position, with a lot of naps in between. When it's time for bed, Carl happily trots into the bedroom and plops himself down for the night. He loves to sleep at the foot of the bed, but also is more than happy to sleep in a comfy spot somewhere else in the room.

Carl has a heart murmur, but does not need any medication. He is in need of dental surgery.

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