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Broomstick & Candelabra

Domestic Short Hair | 7 Months 18 Days | Male

Are you looking for playful, snuggly, silly kittens? If so, these sweet boys might be your perfect match! Although they can be a little skittish while settling into a new place, Broomstick and Candelabra will transform into rambunctious, snuggly little furbabies as soon as they’re comfortable.

Candelabra has earned the nickname “Lawnmower” with his foster family due to how loudly he purrs. He’s also not afraid to speak up, and he will let you know with his squeaky little mew when it’s time to play or give him snuggles (which is often!). At night, once he’s gotten his zoomies out with his brother, he likes to settle in for some snuggles on his foster mom’s legs.

Broomstick is a little more shy, but if you’re patient (and generous with Churus, his favorite treats) he’ll be happy to play and accept some pets from you.

These boys absolutely adore one another, and it’s so fun to watch them play and snuggle, and so gratifying to be let in on the fun once you’ve earned their trust!

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