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Marlborough Woman

Domestic Short Hair | 3 Years 6 Months | Female

Marlborough Woman is an affectionate and friendly cat who will warm right up to anybody willing to shower her with love and care. Once comfortable, she seeks out head pats and scritches and become queen of the couch very quickly. Marly loves to be around people and often comes up to greet you after coming home. She’s not afraid of new people, and loves to be pet on her own terms. If you’re especially favored, expect to receive an extended grooming session — licking is her favorite way of showing affection!

Marly’s happy to lay down in a corner with your company and just purr away. She loves to stretch out and sunbathe during the day and curl up at the foot of your bed at night. Sudden movements and noises still startle Marly so she may not be great with rowdy kids, but as long as you’re not stomping and chasing her around, she’s perfectly happy to laze around.

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