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Domestic Short Hair | 7 Years 3 Months | Male

Yoda is the most snuggly lap cat one could ask for. This friendly boy is a gentle giant who will crawl onto your lap or chest and make himself at home. He loves chin scritches, belly rubs, and being held like a baby, spooned, cradled, petted…you name it. He also loves to lick humans, and will lick your hand / arm / face if you let him. Since he is so social, he will be happiest in a home with people who are able to give him the attention he seeks and who either work from home or have a flexible schedule and won’t leave him alone for extended periods of time over multiple days.

Yoda is a lowkey cat, who spends most of the day napping in a quiet spot. He lives up to his name, and really does look like a version of baby Yoda with his wide-set ears and sleepy eyes. He’s not a picky eater and gets chatty when he’s hungry and will tell you he wants food with his sweet meow! He likes to play with wand toys. At night he sleeps on the foot of the bed or will climb up and curl up into a body nook. He is not a fan of closed doors. Yoda does have some health issues that we are getting under control and we'd be happy to talk more about what this sweet guy needs to get healthy.


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