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Jobu Tupaki

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Years 1 Month | Female

Fashion icon and traveler of the multiverse Jobu Tupaki has, like the character she was named for, a tough exterior that belies her inner vulnerability and search for meaning. She previously lived on a porch where she gave birth to litter after litter of kittens. She was brought to us ill and with a large gnarly face wound to finally be spayed and begin the next chapter of her life. Both her demeanor and appearance still show traces of the trauma and difficult circumstances of her past street life, but she is making rapid progress and now feels secure enough to eat and nap (complete with adorable loud snores) in front of her foster mother. She may initially hiss at you, but that is just how she says hello! Scritches to the head, neck, and ears elicit rusty-sounding purrs; however, she also suddenly gets overstimulated and will gently bite or clasp your arm. She needs affection on her own terms and needs to be adopted into a home with experienced cat owners and no children. She is indifferent to other cats and would be happy as a single or as a companion to polite feline friends.

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