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Dumont Tiger

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Years 2 Months | Male

This handsome, ginger boy, with magically floofy ears, is as energetic and curious as he is sweet. Dumont loves attention of any kind and seeks it out constantly - to the chagrin of his foster, sometimes a little too early in the morning. He is forgiven quickly when he begins to purr like a motorcycle or starts his entertaining antics - one second he's sitting in a loaf position, and in another his ears will charge up and he's running, attacking something imaginary (or sometimes a chair). This boy is enthusiastic about all things food and is not at all shy about letting you know how he feels so be prepared for his quick sprint when he gets an inkling that it is mealtime. Dumont is a joy to return home to - greeting you with headbutts and following you around in order to be close by, all the while singing his sweet signature purr.

Because Dumont has FeLV, he can only be around other FeLV cats, but he is visibly healthy with no outward signs of FeLV. He will have the best chance at living many more years in a caring home with a proper diet.

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