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Domestic Short Hair | | Female

Serena is a super sweet and playful calico girl. She loves pats and will purr like crazy, headbutt for more, and even roll over onto her back for belly scritches! She’s energetic and adores toys of all kinds (especially anything with feathers). She’s always up for interactive play with a wand toy, but also happy to play by herself with her catnip mouse.

Serena can be a little shy at first, but is easily won over with scritches and treats. She’s still learning about laps and hasn’t figured out that she can crawl up herself, but in the meantime she’s happy to be placed there for snuggles. Her other hobbies include following her human around the house, watching the washing machine spin (she’s absolutely mesmerized), and rolling around cutely on the floor in hopes of getting pats.

Serena is curious and friendly with other cats and needs to be adopted into a home with a playful companion — adoptions for her as a single cat will be ignored.

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